Harbour City Bears

Harbour City Bears is Sydney’s only community group for bears – hairy gay men – our admirers and friends.

We hold over 140 events each year – with weekly socials, dance parties, dinners and other outings through the year.

  • two annual festivals – Bear Essentials during Mardi Gras, and Bear Pride in the cooler months, which attract visitors from interstate and overseas to celebrate Sydney’s vibrant bear culture.
  • dance parties including Chunky, Bear Pit and the iconic Underbear.
  • socials every Friday night at Kinselas Hotel in Darlinghurst and Sunday afternoon at The Bank Hotel in Newtown.
  • Press Paws, a monthly gaymer event
  • community health & well-being events
  • fundraising for community charities

The proceeds from our events and fundraising are all invested back into the club, or donated to the community charities that we support.


Volunteering is a great way to get involved with Harbour City Bears and the bear community.

Volunteering is a great way to get to know knew people and help our community at the same time.

There a lots of different ways to volunteer with HCB. You can help out at one of our events, with fundraising, or with the administration of the club.

Event volunteers help with setting up, checking tickets, or any of the heaps of tasks that go into making our bear events successful.

Volunteers at ticketed events get free entry to the event.

It’s easy to volunteer with HCB, simply fill out the contact us form below, or email volunteers@harbourcitybears.com.au

We are all one bear family

At Harbour City Bears, we strive to be an inclusive, respectful and approachable community group for all. Our current committee and member base is evidence of that, we have people from all walks of life, ages, sizes, gender identities and personality traits or types.

There have been instances in the past where attitudes have been shown which do not align with what we strive to be, attitudes which belong firmly in the past. We aim to move beyond these and forward to a more open, friendly and inviting community.

Any vilification of any person by age, gender, orientation, size, race, or any form of personal shaming to any member, guest or venue employee will not be accepted. Equality, acceptance and kindness should be the norm, not the exception. As a group, we are a minority within a minority, we should never be putting down others, but raising everyone up to a higher standard and being respectful at all times.

The Harbour City Bears committee, as always, reserves the right to discipline any member found breaching these guidelines as per the Harbour City Bears constitution. Any non-members found to be breaching the above may be asked to leave any of our private events.

If you ever feel uncomfortable at any of our events, please feel free to see one of our committee members immediately, who will always be wearing either a committee shirt or a committee badge and we will address your concerns as best we can.

If you wish to submit any details via email or anonymously, you can do so through the contact form on our website.

The Harbour City Bears Committee


The Harbour City Bears Committee is elected each year to manage the club, organise events and generally get things done. Committee members are all volunteers who donate a lot of their free time to the club and the bear community. You can chat with committee members at our events or get in touch at the email addresses below.

General Committee

Richard Summerhayes

Social Impact Co-ordinator

Social Event Co-ordinator

Richard Summerhayes

David Langdale

Special Events Co-ordinator

David Langdale

Member Held Portfolios

Daniel Marshall

Richard Patricks

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Harbour City Bears Inc.
PO Box 1532 Darlinghurst
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