Welcome to the Bear Pride 2017!

We are running a number of events over the yearly Bear Pride week and hope that you have as much fun as we do! Our theme this year is “The BEARchelor”. Will you find your perfect match, or just some fun? It’s up to you!

Press Paws: Genital Jousting

Harbour City Bears are starting the Bear Pride week where you normally would hope most dates end up – Genital Jousting. Well, the video game with the same aim – to get it into a hole, more or less. Hopefully you end up on top – you sure don’t want to be the bottom (of the leaderboard anyway).

Your host and Gayme Master, Daniel, will run you through the various stages of the competition, and shower the winners with glorious prizes ;) The prize pool for this Press Paws will be doubled as well, so make sure you are here to be in for the win!

DJ Bandit will be providing some sweet gayming tunes to get you through the night while you munch down on pizza and play with your on screen genitals ;)

Don’t forget, even if you don’t take home the win, you can still win prizes! Every entrant has a chance to win one of the $20 JB Hi-Fi gift cards, every time you win, you increase your chances!

Hope to see you there, and as always, don’t be late!

Where: Kinselas Hotel – Chapel Bar
Time: 6:30 for practice, 7:00 start
Prices: $10 to play + Pizza, $5 for pizza

Cooking School

We all know bears love to eat. However, there is one thing that they would love even better – a Bear that knows how to cook. As they say:


Give a man a fish, he will eat for one day.
Teach a man to cook, he will catch himself a bear.


Your chef and teacher Tony will instruct and show you how to make two dishes – a ‘berrymisu’ and fettuccine to compliment the sauce that the chef had prepared earlier (don’t worry, you will get a digital copy of the recipe so you have create it for your date or other half for an at home dinner date). During the class, Tony will talk about pasta making, Italian food, and how he’s gotten to where he is – his childhood etc.


Once all the food has been made, there’s only one really way to finish the night off – it’s time to eat. Apart from eating the pasta, and berrymisus that you had previously made, there will be a starter of an antipasto. Nothing like a good night eating good food with good company (and maybe a sneaky glass of wine).


Where: The Urban Cat Cafe, Erskinville
Time: Starts at 6:30
Prices: $40 – Members/Kindred, $45 – Non-Members
Note: Classes have a minimum 9 required to run

Escape Rooms

There are dates that go wrong.
Then there are dates to go REALLY wrong.


What if you find yourself locked in a crazy bear’s den, and they’ve set up a crazy puzzle for you to figure out and macguyver yourself out of? You have to be prepared! Get some experience doing these escape rooms – you could even do both of them if you are up for a night full of puzzling fun with a bunch of friends.


Note: We have booked both rooms for three sessions each – Currently the rooms are “The Cabin” and “Espionage” – but we don’t know what they will be in August, if there will be a changed at all.


Another Note: the 6pm and 7:45 sessions for both rooms are locked in as group sessions – you have to buy all 5 tickets at once. The 9:15 sessions is set up for individuals that want to make some new friends and try and escape a room together.


Where: The Cipher Room, Newtown
Times: 6:00pm, 7:45pm and 9:15pm
Prices: $40 + BF for Individuals, $200 + BF for Groups of 5

Trivia Night

Who doesn’t like an educated bear? Well, not someone who corrects everything you say, or in general is just a smart-ass, though he or she might come in handy at our trivia night at Kinselas Hotel!

Hosted by the ever fabulous and our very own sausage handler Penny D Moore, this is bound to be a fun night!

There will be prizes for those who do well, and smaller round winning prizes during the event too! Come along and have a blast during bear pride!

Make sure you bring your glasses as there will be video and visual questions put up on the projector – no way you can sneakily use a phone under your table for a wiki or google search during those sections.

Where: Kinselas Hotel
Times: Starts at 6:30
Prices: Free Event

Mr HCB 2017-2018 Competition

Harbour City Bears is going to give the bar downstairs at The Midnight Shift a good bye by welcoming our new Mr Harbour City Bear for the next year.


We are changing up the competition, from the sections that the Mr HCB hopefuls will compete in and by how the judging works. Apart from finding out who our am-bear-ssador will be for the next year, we have a night full of entertainment, from DJ’s to comedians and even a drag show (we are at The Shift after all).


If the noise is too much for you, the Kitchen space will also be open after the competition – and there will be our usual sausage sizzle on in there as well!


Where: The Midnight Shift Bar, Darlinghurst
Times: From 6:30 (Time TBA for competition)
Prices: Free Event

CHUNKY: Bromance

Sure, dating and relationships are all fine and dandy, but sometimes you might just want a quick Bromance. Like a prom for the bears, cubs, chasers and our supporters, think high school valentines dance, but hairier and sexier (and maybe with less clothes).


There is a dress code – Bow ties, and bearly anything below (we will be providing the bow ties – there’s no excuse). To keep your belongings safe once you start stripping down, there will be a free cloak room run by the Bears, so you can frolic without any fear of losing your things.


DJs will be finalised soon – Keep an eye out here!


Where: ARQ – Vortex
Time: 8:00 pm – 3:00 am
Prices: $30+BF members/Kindred, $40+BF Non-Members, $45 At the Door

Bears at the Bank: Love Letters

Date week is coming to a close, and I’m sure you’ve met lots of Bears along the way. If you wanted to say something to someone and haven’t had the chance to (or might be a little to shy to say it), here’s your chance to say it to them and make them feel special. Write a note, hand it into the membership desk and just wait till they go back to the desk to get their love letter.


Where: The Bank, Newtown
Time: 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Prices: Free Event