Underbear DJs part 1!

DJs Rob Davis, George Roussos and Puppy

Here is the big one!

Our Underbear party is the highlight of the Bear Essentials week!

This year each of the levels of ARQ will be a different extinction theme!

— Downstairs in the Vortex a Meteor has fallen from the sky! —

Volcanos have erupted, fire is raining from the sky, the floor is lava and the world is in chaos.

It will be hot hot hot and the sweat will be pouring down.

DJs Rob Davis, George Roussos and Puppy are ready to get you fired up with some deep and dark tunes.

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DJ Rob Davis

A veteran of the Sydney gay scene, Rob Davis has good technical skills, smooth mixing and an fantastic ability to read the crowd. He has been playing since 1983 and can do anything from dark and dirty tech/tribal/progressive house to happy vocal house, remixed classics and current anthems or chilled/deep house.

DJ George Roussos

George Roussos has been belting out tunes for over 30 years both nationally and Internationally. Based in Sydney Australia, George has performed at some of the best Bear and Leather events in Australia and USA including, Lazy Bear, Sweat, Underbear, Bearracuda, Bear Pit, Chunky, BearNation, Inquisition, FurBall and WoofClub…. just to name a few!

George has been gracing the decks for Harbour City Bears now for over 12 years and has appeared as a guest DJ for the Harbour City bears Underwear party now for the 6th time.

In 2010 George won Best Bear performer for publicly voted Best of the Bears competition hosted by The Complete Bear.

George enjoys taking control of the dancefloor and setting a mood that gets the crowd sweaty and shirtless. His style is unique and by no means mainstream by sticking to his musical guns with a signature deep blend of techno and house that sets a grindy and sexy feel to the dancefloor.

DJ Puppy

Puppy, a regular on the Sydney scene playing a range of deep throbbing dirty beats through to soaring epic euphoric trance. Having cut his teeth at the old Manacle learning from the best of the best – he’s been playing for the Sydney bear crew for the last 10 years, spinning at various Honey’s, Chunky, Underbear, Resurrection, Australia Day Fur’s, Flinders, Oxford, Bear Bar, Fair Days, Inquisitions, Ruby Parties …  and any other venue the bears have ever had a good time! Just don’t ask him to play Kylie, unless it’s some filthy remix where she doesn’t sing – then that’d be ok. Kinda. :P

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