Your DJs for the arena at Underbear!

DJ Charles, Ruby and Bandit

Here is the big one!

Our Underbear party is the highlight of the Bear Essentials week!

This year each of the levels of ARQ will be a different extinction theme!

— Upstairs in the Arena, the Ice Age has begun! —

The world is cooling, snow is falling from the sky and the seas have frozen over, the Aurora Borealis is lighting up the night sky.

What better way to fend off the cold days than to dance up a storm?

DJs Charles, Ruby and Bandit will be making the Auroras dance to some wild and epic dance and trance tracks.

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DJ Charles

Originally from Mauritius and have been living in Sydney for the over 30 years.

Always loved music of all genres – House, Trance and NRG. Have been DJing for the past 15 years, starting out at the legendary Taxi Club and have worked at most of the major clubs along Oxford St and Flinders St. Really love to play Trance and high NRG/Happy Hardcore.

Currently on DJ roster for HCB, I’m really excited to present some of my favourite Trance tracks at Underbear!

DJ Ruby

Ruby is a Sydney based DJ and party promoter. One of the most popular DJs on the Trance scene in Sydney!
I became involved with the Trance music scene in 1999 and have been actively involved with the promotion of Uplifting and Vocal Trance since that time.
I have been releasing commercial compilations of Trance since the early 00’s and will release Ruby Trance Volume Seventeen at Mardi Gras’ Fair Day this year.
Recent events of significance include Tropical Fruits NYE party, and Apollo on the sunday after Mardi Gras.
Check out his tent at Fair Day this year to get a hint of some of his amazing music!

DJ Bandit

Bandit started to learn how to DJ in 2009, starting with Trance.  Soon after, he started playing house music at ARQ for Eclipse. He has also played Trance, house and electro at Bear events which included Chunky, Friday Bears, Underbear, also Press Paws where he plays video game remixes. He has also play for Syd-PAH and in once in Melbourne for the Australian Pup and Handler competition in 2017.

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