A new committee cometh!!!

Its been an interesting few weeks since the Harbour City Bears AGM, We’ve had some big tests already with the Bank hotel beginning their renovations to Waywards and moving Bears at the Bank to Bears out the back! 😂😂😂 (more on that later). Also a jackpot or 3 and and early push into preparations for Bear Essentials 24 so it’s all happening. But after our first meeting we can now introduce us all and what portfolios we will each be taking on!

First off I would like to pass on our thanks, praise, and gratitude to our outgoing president Daniel Marshall! The new committee are realising just how much a role Daniel played in so many of the day to day jobs! Thank you!

Secondly though he stepped down far before the AGM our thanks to Ian Parker for all his help and support during his tenure on the committee! 

Now! onto the newbie committee!

  • Cameron Murray – President – Cameron is also going to be leading the Events portfolio which has been split into special events and social events of which Cameron with be in charge of both! Cameron is also going to getting the Bear Buddies program of the ground! Looking forward to that!
  • Sam Bo – Vice president – Sam is also going to be continuing his amazing effort in expanding our group of Bear Benefit Partners and providing more and more amazing offers for our membership.
  • Joshua Borja – Secretary – Josh is our resident art guru and will be continuing his glorious work in creating our various art works and also in providing unique merchandise for our members.
  • David Lambert – Treasurer – Our resident rosé expert will be continuing to maintain the solvency of the bears and keeping us in the black!
  • Steven White (I know that guy!) – Webmaster/IT – I’m going to be continuing my work in the IT department trying to improve some of our systems and processes. I’ll also continue bringing you trashy newsletters on a regular basis
  • Iz Connell – Volunteer Coordinator – Iz is going to retain the Volunteer portfolio. Be sure to get in touch with her if you’re keen to help out!
  • Richard Summerhayes – Social events and Social impact – Social impact is a new portfolio and should provide the committee with invaluable information to help make better decisions. Richard is also going to assisting Cameron for our regular social events.
  • Stephan Langella – Social Media – It takes a very brave man to join the committee and jump into the social media role, but Stephan didn’t even blink! I tip my hat to you sir! Welcome!
  • David Langdale – Special Events – David is going to be assisting Cameron with our bigger and arguable more special events (think bear pit and bear pride and underbear)

So there you have it! A place for everything and everything in its place!

Be sure to say hi to our new committee members Stephan and David if you haven’t yet met them! 

Today is RU OK Day and personally i love this movement and it is the simplest things that really help someone turn it around!

If you have someone you’re concerned about, has had recent changes in behaviours, become less communicative. Reach out to them!

  1. Flat out ask them, “Are you OK?”
  2. Without judgement, listen to them! ! You may not realise what they might be going through.
  3. Encourage action, see if they have been through whatever it is before, offer to solutions to help support them, be positive about the role of professional and how everyone sometimes need extra help!
  4. Check in with them. Don’t assume you’re a miracle worker and fixed the work in a hot minute, check in and see how they are going!

As always if you need more resources the RU OK? website is PACKED with helpful ideas of how to break through to someone and how to help them! but if its beyond that you can always contact Lifeline for help on 131 141, or Q life on 1800 184 527 (their site also has a millennial friendly web chat for less phone inclined people like myself! I mean who uses a phone as a phone anymore?), or the good people at Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 (They also have web chat!) but if you think someone might be in danger call 000.

If you yourself are suffering and not sure who to reach out to, get in contact with us if you think we can help, we are more than happy to listen and help where possible! 

Were YOU rallying in 1978?

78ers are eligible for Lifetime Membership of Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, giving you all the benefits of being a Sydney Mardi Gras Member without the membership fees.

Make sure you apply by Friday 30 September. Find details on who’s eligible and how to apply here

At our recent Tradie theme night at Friday bears at Kinselas, we had a raffle with proceeds going to men’s shed in Marrickville.

The winner of the $50 Bunnings warehouse voucher was none other than our own sash grandpa Dale Apple (Member number 2399 for anyone that WASN’T at the AGM)

Congrats Dale!

New Bear Benefit Partner

We have another new amazing Bear Benefit Partner to announce! The newly opened Mark the florist at 237 Victoria Street in Darlinghurst by our very own Mark Batstra! Mark has been a member of HCB since 2009 so its great to have him on board as a partner and see his business flourish! (yeah I went there!)

Mark has extended all HCB members a 20% discount on presentation of your members card! Marks arrangements are always stunning, you wont be disappointed! He can be reach at 02 9368 1367 and some shots of his work can be seen on the stores Instagram and Facebook.

Changes to member badge draws

We on the committee have heard all of your feedback in regards to the members badge draw and have decided to make some changes in order to promote both a safer AND fairer competition starting this week!

First of all the safety issue. We’ve all seen it, some have done it, and more than a few have tried (and failed). This is of course the frantic messaging to the winner of the draw that isn’t at the bar to rush to the venue. We don’t want to put anyone in the position to risk themselves or others rushing to the venue and are making it a rule that you must be in attendance of the venue when the draw is called and need to make the committee member aware of your presence to claim your prize by the time the committee member has finished the announcements! Sometimes this isn’t possible (bathroom breaks, etc) so to be fair we are putting a 3 min deadline on approaching the committee member on duty!

Secondly, if you are the member pulled out a either a Friday Bears at Kinselas or Bears at the Bank on Sundays and are NOT in attendance to claim your prize!, you will be ineligible to be pulled out for a period of 6 weeks, at which time your number will automatically be put back into the running.

And lastly, if you are pullout and ARE in attendance to claim your prize (obvs congrats?!) you will then be made ineligible to win the draw for a period of 26 weeks (6 months for those counting at home).

Exceptions to these new rules are that if the draw reaches the jackpot ($1500 at Kinselas and $500 at the Bank), ALL MEMBERS in attendance are eligible to win via the ticket system.

We hope that you agree with us that this will make the badge draw system fairer for everyone!

The Harbour City Bears Committee

Fasten your seatbelts and come for a rollercoaster ride. You will laugh, cry and may even want to bolt for the door as Salvador Collova shares his stories of Love and Other Disasters. A quirky fusion of cabaret, concert, and comedy. This unique, camp, fun-filled night will leave you delightfully uplifted.
If you were at Friday Bears at Kinselas a few weeks back Salvador was nice enough to give everyone preview (Was very much on the spot and on our very “not set up for singing at all” sound system!!!!) The show looks and sounds like it will be a lot of fun and we on the committee wish him all the best and to “break a leg” (Did I get that right? #ImInTheBiz #TheShowBizBiz #NotReally). His show starts this Friday the 13th (Spooky Friday!👻) at 8:30pm at the Newsagency in Annandale.

Upcoming events!

Friday bears @ Kinselas (Every Friday)

Kinselas becomes the bears stomping ground come 7pm every Friday!! From 8:00 pm Kinselas puts on free sausages with all the trimmings at the end of the bar. Come on down and have a beer or 4 and a chat!

Membership lapsed? Don’t worry!!! one of the committee members will be on the door between 7pm and 11pm to help with all your HCB questions.

Don’t forget to show your membership card at the bar to get the cheap drinks! Here’s the current specials!


  • XXXX Gold : $12
  • Tooheys New : $13
  • Hahn Super Dry : $15
  • 150 Lashes and Orchard Crush : $16
  • Kosciusko Pale Ale : $17


  • House Spirits : $6 (Wyborown, Beefeater, Ballantines, Jim Beam, Havana Especial Anejo, Olmeca)


  • Glass : $6 (Fork N Spoon House red, white or sparkling)

Bears at the Bank (Every Sunday)

The Bank hotel is currently doing MAJOR renovations in Waywards and have moved us out the back until the renovations are complete. We have been given a rough estimate of 6 weeks but we all know how builders like to under estimate time!

We are working with The Bank to try and provide a better experience than we have had in recent weeks but due to circumstance such as the Newtown crawl, its been hard.

Rest assured we will be back upstairs ASAP but as you can imagine we don’t exactly WHEN that will be. We hope you can still come and join us for a nice laid back and chilled afternoon/evening!

Press Paws – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Press paws is on the 24th this month for those looking to feed their gaming craving! This months game is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! A Nintendo classic and a lot of fun!.

Have you got what it takes to win? me either! But luckily every participant has a chance to win a prize! Gayme master Daniel will be on deck and kicking things off at 6:30pm @ Kinselas.

So come start your engines and play/spectate/have a fun night.

Entry to play games is $10 with all proceeds going to Twenty10

Coming soon we have some big announcements regarding Bear Essentials 24, so look out for that! 🥳

Remember to follow the Harbour City Bears Social Group on Facebook and don’t forget to show our wonderful Bear Benefit Partners some love and bring your membership card and get some great discounts from them! You can hover over the images below and see what is on offer!

As always don’t be a stranger if you see me at our events. And may I also welcome the end of winter and the beginning of the warmer months and more gym shorts! IMHO gym shorts > track pants 😍

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