🏳️‍🌈Stonewall – 50 years on🏳️‍🌈

This year marks 50 years since the events of The Stonewall Inn or what is more widely known as the Stonewall riots. These events went on to spark Australia’s Mardi Gras and as pride month comes to an close, it’s a fantastic time to look back on just how far we have come in those 50 years!

We’ve still got more to do but we must always remember the fights that have got us to where we are! The SBS has a great write up of the events at The Stonewall Inn and the journey we’ve all be on, and how these events are the symbolic start of the fight for LGBTIQ+ rights all around the world!

Seeing this photo always give me chills. Not bad for “just a phase” right?

Go check out Stonewall Forever a digital monument setup to immortalise the events and also has a really great documentary which you should definitely watch!

As current events in Australia sparks flashbacks of the horrible plebiscite, please reach out to your friends and support each other!

Got wood? 🍆 Bear Pride 2019 is here!

It’s that time of year again. Pride month is over and now its time to start scheduling in your bear pride fun! Tickets to the events aren’t available until Sunday the 7th @ 5pm when we officially announce the events at Bears at the Bank.

Aug 8th (Thursday) – Get Stuffed! – Bear Dinner (Frank’s Pizza Bar, Camperdown)

Aug 9th (Friday) – Get Sashed! – Mr HCB Competition @ Gingers + Polo Lounge 8-11pm [Tickets here]

Aug 10th (Saturday) – Get Wins! – Gaming Day @ Kinsellas 12noon-5pm

Aug 10th (Saturday) – Get Dirty! – Bear Pit @ Imperial basement 10pm-4am [Tickets here]

Aug 11th (Sunday) – Get Chopped! – Axe Throwing @ Maniax 11:30am-2pm [Tickets here] (no you don’t get to throw them at each other, so don’t ask!!!)

Aug 11th (Sunday) – Get Beer! – Bears @ the Bank

🔥 Chat with a sash! 🔥

I caught up with Duncan AKA Mr Harbour City Bears 2018 (newly sashed Mr Australasia Bear 2019-2020) to find out what’s next for him and get some PrEP (get it!) advice for our next Mr Harbour City Bears 2019

So you’ve been Mr Harbour City Bears for almost 12 months now. What’s the experience been like? 
It’s been fantastic; a great opportunity to get a bit more involved and connect deeply with the community. I really tried to embody the ‘Bear spirit’ and hope I that have been a welcoming and positive presence, both within Harbour City Bears and when representing our club interstate. I also used my year to connect with allied LGBTI groups like the Sydney Silverbacks, Body Electric, Sydney’s various fetish communities, and even raised funds for ACON on World AIDS Day. It’s been challenging at times, but ultimately fulfilling, and I’m grateful for the many bear hugs shared along the way. Competing in the Mr Australasia Bear 2019 competition was a real blast and I am honoured by everyone’s support.What role do titles like Mr Harbour City Bears fulfil in the community?
The title is an opportunity to stand up and have a voice for the local Bear community. Mr HCB plays an important role in welcoming regulars, visitors, and future members to our community. It engages many of the ‘soft skills’ like effective communication, and relationship building and you can take a leadership role in charitable work or community education.
Do you have any advice to those curious about entering the Mr HCB competition this year?
If you are at all interested I encourage you to give it a go. Our community needs future leaders just like you. This is a great year because the next Mr Bear won’t be all on their own; I’ll be around as Mr Australasia Bear to provide support as needed. As for the competition: Focus on your strengths, take deep breaths, relax, and let your natural personality shine through. Pace yourself, and don’t forget to schedule in time to recharge.
What’s next for you?

You’ll hopefully see a lot more of me and the new sash as my focus shifts to the broader regional Bear community. I’ve got quite a bit of interstate travel lined up, including a visit to our friendly ‘neighbears’ in New Zealand. I’m also planning a couple of projects related to mental health and raising donations to support the work of the Asylum Seeker’s Centre (if you have an old laptop, iPads, or tablet laying around please get in touch with me to donate!). You might also like to follow my social media accounts as I journey towards Mr World Bear 2020.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mrbearoz
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mrbearoz

Finally, what is it REALLY like to wear the sash?
Oh, great question. The sash life can take a little getting used to. I still have to wrangle mine back into position after every hug. Don’t expect to just pop one on at Palms and dance the funky chicken without taking out civilian casualties. They also have a tendency to bring out some people’s silly side. That said, a sash can open doors (and drop drawers!). The truth is every sash is just that little bit magical. They arrived infused with love and care, and along the journey they absorb moments and memories that you will one day reflect on and treasure.From all of us on the committee, thank you for your tireless work to date and looking forward to what you can accomplish as our Mr Australasia Bear!

Mr HCB Recruitment!

Want to be Mr Harbour City Bears 2019-2020 and have a chance to win Mr Australasia Bear like Duncan?

We want you!

The competition is open to all Members, but you need to sign up at https://hcbears.com.au/mrhcb in order to compete!