Meet your contestants and judges for our Mr HCB contest next friday!
Find below a snippet from their entry, and keep an eye out for them at our events leading up to the big night!

Dale :
I’m a lover of the Bear community, one that is more inclusive, that is more concerned about the size of your heart rather than how many reps you can do at the local gym! Outgoing to a fault, and I think I’d make an excellent Mr HCB!

Jeremy :
37yo Virgin & your Next Bearchelor of the Year! AKA Mr Kinky Congeniality ?? – I want to spread a message that BEARS = LOVE

Louis :
Cub with a French accent, I want to represent how the open our community could be.

Thomas :
Why would I like to enter and become Mr HCB… Why wouldn’t you. It’s a great organisation that helps liked minded people connect with each other in a sociable way.

Our judges were chosen to represent a cross section of the bear community, while promoting diversity and inclusion!

Our former HCB president Murray, our Cub and Bear judges Steven and Ian, current Mr Australasia Bear Morro and Jess Scully, councillor for City of Sydney and opener of Bear Essentials 21.

These judges, along with the votes from the audience, will determine your Mr HCB 2017 winner who will then go on to compete in next years Mr Australasia Bear competition!

Check out our Facebook event here or visit our bear pride page for all info!