Welcome to our newest BBP!


Welcome to another new addition to the Bear Benefits family!

Butch is a men’s lifestyle clothing brand, designed for burly men and bears.

“The Butch® society knows that it takes a hearty gut to be brave and a gutsy heart to be vulnerable. We’ll cradle your sweaty brow and sing hallelujah for your wood (-cutting ways). And if you want to cry, we’ll hear that too, but not before we’ve gathered the tissues to mop your carpeted chest.

At Butch®, we show love in many ways. So we dreamt up a range of premium, designer underwear for the modern man. Designed in Australia, our products are woven in a premium, antimicrobial infused cotton so only the right kind of musk will permeate your ozone-free land. Each pair is made with a double-layered pouch and gusset to support the boys. And our double-width waist band is so soft you’ll feel like you’re going commando every day. While our products do come in small and medium, at Butch® 2XL and 3XL come as standard because we simply love you more when there is more to love.”

They are offering a 15% discount to all members of Harbour City Bears via their website with the members only discount code available on our partners page https://harbourcitybears.com.au/partners

You can find them on the web at https://butch.life and instagram

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