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Marching with the Bears : Modern Stone Age Family

Yabba Dabba WOOF!

It’s that time to secure your parade marching spots for Harbour City Bears and Australian and International Bears float! This year the float is titled “The Modern Stoneage Family” and is themed around the classic cartoon “The Flinstones.” Below you will find some basic information about the costuming and pricing.

If you have already filled out the survey monkey form, thank you and you would have already received emails over the last few weeks with the link to the ticket site below.

Costuming (All attendees will be able to keep their costume and  pack after marching)
We will be providing towels in a Fred Flintstone inspired print, a furry sash and an inflatable club – this is another shirtless costume, but if you are uncomfortable with this, you may wear a bear t-shirt. This is the basic costume – however if you want to, you can create your own Flintstone inspired costume and wear it in the parade. If you do create a costume and the HCB committee deem it to be worthy, you will be put onto the truck instead of having to march down the parade route. So get your creative juices flowing and go crazy with ideas!

Please note that all participants are required to be able to walk this distance at a slight incline. Even those who will be creating costumes must be able to walk this distance as there is no guarantee that you will be on the float.

The pricing for the float is as follows:
$60 – Members
$65 – Kindred
$70 – Non-Members

Grab your tickets here!

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