Our Press Paws event for Jan was a hilarious night!

With the new game, “Genital Jousting” being on the cards, it was bound to be amusing.

Before we started, Pizza arrived and everyone had their fill, our bar tab door prizes were then won by Alex and Craig!

We ended up having 2 main rounds, with all players having 2 games in a row, this was then whittled down to the top 3 groups of players, which then determined our top 8!

This top 8 played on and eventually came down to a final “Joust” between top top 4.

Matias and Tito came out on top and took the main prizes home! With our supplementary prize winners being Dean, Mark and Andrew!

Thanks everyone for coming, and make sure you come to our next Press Paws on the 28th of Feb during Bear Essentials! https://harbourcitybears.com.au/event/press-paws-3/

Next month we will be playing Mario Kart 8! Make sure you are there to get involved!