Congrats to our winners!

Mario Kart 8 Wrap Up

Thanks everyone for coming! There were a bunch of new faces, which was good to see!

This Press Paws was a super busy and Mario Kart went off!

Due to time constraints we couldn’t do any more than the first round, which went right up until 9:30!

Chris and Matias came out on top with some edge of the seat racing!

We raised around $350 for twenty10 which will be added to all future Press Paws events, then totalled and donated at our next Bear Pride festival.

Congrats also to our other JB Hifi prize winners on the night, don’t forget, every time you come in the top 50% of a round, you get more chances to win!

Next month we will be playing Snake vs Snake on switch, if you’ve ever played Snake on your old Nokia, then this is the game for you!

he link to our event is here, or you can find it on Facebook.

With thanks to our Sponsors!