Congrats to the winners!

Puyo Puyo Tetris Wrap Up

Thanks everyone for coming! There were a bunch of new faces, which was good to see!

This Press Paws was extra busy and the fun and excitement was palpable! The $3 taco deal was a huge hit and it was a great night.

We started off with everyone getting used to the game, most people falling back on the old classic of Tetris, with a couple of new Puyo Players.

Eventually, more and more switched over to Puyo, mixing up the play styles a bit and going for gold!

In the end, it was a tense battle between Jonathan on Tetris and Andy S on Puyo, with Andy S coming out on top!

Congrats also to our other JB Hifi prize winners on the night, don’t forget, every time you come in the top 50% of a round, you get more chances to win!

Next month we will be playing a brand new game, Mario Tennis Aces! Held on the 26th of June, it should be a great night, so check out the video below to get an idea of what to expect, and limber up your tennis elbow!

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