Good luck to everyone!

Mr HCB 2018 Contestants

The time has come! For you to lip-sync for your… wait, wrong show…

Mr Harbour City Bear 2018 is here!

The contestants have all entered, prizes are ready, and the stage is set!

Next Friday the 31st of August will be the Mr HCB competition for 2018, to determine who will take the Sash for the coming year, and represent NSW in the Mr Australasia Bear competition in Southern Hibernation 2019.

Here are your contestants in no particular order!


I’d love to become the next Mr HCB to become more involved in the bear community and try to connect new members with the support and acceptance I have experienced since becoming a member of the HCB’s. I’d love to break down barriers in our community and further bring out the common unity we share with fun, cheer and a sense of responsibility. I am 32, openly gay for 7 years and a recently born cub in the world of fur and cuddles. I love spending time with good people of all walks of life and having a bellyful of laughs at my own expense. Some of the things that interst me are nature, getting naked in nature, learning about people and their experiences, and having a few beers with mates on the weekends. I am a rather small and hairy cub, but what I lack in stature, I make up for with happiness and acceptance. I wish we had a sub category for koalas like me


Growing up on the far north coast of NSW, I caught my first glimpse of bears and cubs marching in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. The way their thick-set, shirtless chests, embraced each other stirred things inside me. I knew I had found my people. Fast forward to 2012, I embraced my fur and joined HCB, and have been an active member ever since. As a registered pharmacist, and member of the University of Sydney’s Ally Network, I’ve overseen LGBTI health issues included in the pharmacy curriculum, as well as education for intern pharmacists on changes to allow patients to access antiretroviral medications directly from community pharmacies. I believe Mr HCB provides an important opportunity to contribute to building a welcoming and inclusive community unlike any other. In a time where HIV PrEP is providing new possibilities for managing our health, both on a personal and community level, LGBTI-folk continue to shoulder a disproportionate burden of poor mental health and drug dependency. These issues require nuanced discussion and advocacy, which benefits from an experienced understanding of drugs and medicines counselling. I enjoy board games and recently competed at Gay Games X in Paris where I won bronze and silver medals for wrestling and grappling. Ask me for a bear hug—if you dare!


I am a proud happy gay furry cuddly bubbly bear I’m pleasant spoken friendly kind approach. Since joining HCB member back in 2015 I have more self confidence and understanding no matter what size,colour,race and gender you will always be welcome with HCB and community. I’d also love to be involved in bear community workshops. hugs


I am a proud gay bear who is well spoken in the community and I have done a lot of stuff in regards to entertainment and I was also the spokesperson for glbt community for rural qlds. The reason for entering is to be proud of all the achievements I have done over the yrs and be able to represent a community that I love support. I current host events for stocky n hairy chaser admire groups who love being nude and i have also hosted and entertain such events like Brisbears Harbour City Bears, n help run and organise a dance party in rural qld. so i believe its my time to be a mr bear


More of a Care Bear than anything, I love expressing myself through colorful art that extends to my own image. I want to become Mr HCB because since moving to Australia for uni, I’ve made great strides to beating my eating disorders and loving my body for how it is! Just participating would be a great statement on self love and the diversity gender presentation…and winning would be nice so I can buy some new toys.

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The Mr HCB 2018 winner will receive:

The First Runner Up will receive :

The Second Runner Up will receive :

Each Contestant will receive :

  • 1 Year added to their HCB Membership
  • A small prize pack including a teddy bear